Powder coating

One of Europe’s most up-to-date facilities

Jitech has one of Europe’s most efficient and flexible powder-coating facilities. It is the “Power and free” type, which optimises the process and minimises setup times and line stoppages. The facility is capable of finishing products that will be subjected to very harsh environments. This is accomplished by pre-treatment with zinc manganese phosphate. Furthermore, it provides enhanced corrosion protection through the use of powder primer. It is also designed to be competitive and cost-effective for both short and long series. In our facility, we can finish products with dimensions up to 3x2x1 m and a maximum weight of 500 kg.

Flexible systems

The powder-coating facility has a number of modern systems that make it very flexible and cost-effective. The facility minimises setup times, and has a very high capacity. All products to be finished are given a unique formulation. For example, the coating program, the pumps in pre-treatment and the curing time in the oven are controlled to suit each product.

Environmental benefits

As well as being cost-effective and quality-assured, the process provides substantial environmental benefits. To minimise environmental impact, pre-treatment is carried out in a closed process. Powder, energy and water are also recovered.

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