Jitech multimillion invest in business systems and is now introducing a new unique planning feature.

Jitech have multimillion invested in the unique business systems and now introducing a unique planning feature that optimizes the internal logistics flow giving Jitech long-term competitive advantage.

Jitech have with the company JBS developed business system, and is implementing a new planning functionality that gives an efficient way to control the internal logistics

The planning function is completely customer needs-driven and have a real-time control of production flow with full automation. The new feature means that the gaps between all processes are minimized and gives a quick visual overview of the internal production flow.
The new planning function optimizes the internal logistics and times in production calculations. All this creates customer value through higher delivery reliability and lower production costs.

– The new function and the constant development of the business system is absolutely critical for us as we have a global competition. We are currently one of the largest contract manufacturer in the metal industry in Sweden and to maintain that position, the investment in the business system is one of the most  important key success factors for Jitech says Roland Johnsson CEO of Jitech.

Conny Svensson softwaredeveloper and Torbjörn Johansson production leader shows the system