Jitech multi-million investment in new robotic welding facility!

The manufacturing industry Jitech AB in Småland multimillion invests in unique custom low volumeproduction robot welding facility .

-Robot Welding plant is delivered by Andon in Örebro and will be operational in februari 2014. This investment along with its integration into our ERP will lead to shorter lead times, better quality results, increased flexibility and efficiency. This is in line with our work with Lean Production and our business idea regarding world-class technology. This investment will make us even more competitive in the contract manufacturing of welded low volume designs, says Mikael Johnsson Project and Marketing Manager at Jitech AB.



Our mission at Jitech AB in Tingsryd, which is located in southern Småland, is “to produce products in steel, stainless and aluminum and offer assembly and finishing for industrial companies in different industries. With broad expertise and world-class technology, we guarantee the quality and development of leading edge, highly beneficial and profitable for our customers ”

Today Jitech one of the largest suppliers in the metal and delivers to the mining, construction and energy markets.

Jitech has obtained multimillion project to Norway from Alfa Laval!

The engineering industry Jitech AB in Småland has won a multimillion order for Alfa Laval on complete heating stations to be delivered to Norway.

– This is great fun and we hope this opens up more business to Norway. We have already received signals about that. I can not disclose the contract value, but it is important for us. This is one of several new orders we got home that secures the jobs for us and it looks like soon be hiring soon be needed. We currently have 130 employees and we see a bright future that we are gaining market share in many areas, says Mikael Johnsson Project and Marketing Manager at Jitech AB.



The business idea at Jitech AB in Tingsryd which is located in southern Småland, is to manufacture products in steel, stainless and aluminum and offer assembly and finishing for industrial companies in different industries. Today Jitech is one of Swedens largest suppliers in the metal industry and delivers to the mining, construction and energy markets.

Jitech assigned to Atlas Copco URE Quality Award

Jitech is one of three vendors awarded Atlas Copco URE Quality Award. To achieve this requires that you meet Atlas Copco’s claim to be A-supplier for the delivery accuracy, error rate and quality.

URE quality award      454l                                                                                              Per-Jörgen Jönsson
Productionmanager JITECH AB

-This award is an acknowledgment of the efforts and focus Jitech put on quality, continuous improvement and investments in machinery equipment and development in materials planning system has produced results.

– Looking forward, the recently developed tool in the planning system to give a more stable and efficient planning further. The planning of production visualized in an easy and transparent way with this function.
– It is with great delight that we can conclude that the effort exerted, given Jitech this award.
– We also note that without the excellence that we have among our staff, we would not have reached this result. We does not stop with this but are working towards new goals, through continuous improvement in all our processes, says Professor Jörgen Jönsson.


Customer Reference Atlas Copco


par dudal
Pär Dudal strategic purchaser Atlas Copco Rock Drill Ltd

– ”Jitech one of our primary contract manufacturers”


– Atlas Copco is dependent on good suppliers who can meet our high standards. Jitech is one of our main strategic contract manufacturers and has been a supplier to us since the early 90s.

– Jitech have a very strong customer focus and it is always easy to have a direct and open dialogue with them. We value the security of supply, quality and competitive price and it’s easy to compare and quantify but it is so much more involved. Supplier responsiveness, flexibility, initiative to reduce costs, find solutions to problems, suggestions for improvement. In all this is Jitech a role model among our suppliers, says Pär Dudal Strategic Purchaser at Atlas Copco.

Jitech multimillion invest in business systems and is now introducing a new unique planning feature.

Jitech have multimillion invested in the unique business systems and now introducing a unique planning feature that optimizes the internal logistics flow giving Jitech long-term competitive advantage.

Jitech have with the company JBS developed business system, and is implementing a new planning functionality that gives an efficient way to control the internal logistics

The planning function is completely customer needs-driven and have a real-time control of production flow with full automation. The new feature means that the gaps between all processes are minimized and gives a quick visual overview of the internal production flow.
The new planning function optimizes the internal logistics and times in production calculations. All this creates customer value through higher delivery reliability and lower production costs.

– The new function and the constant development of the business system is absolutely critical for us as we have a global competition. We are currently one of the largest contract manufacturer in the metal industry in Sweden and to maintain that position, the investment in the business system is one of the most  important key success factors for Jitech says Roland Johnsson CEO of Jitech.

Conny Svensson softwaredeveloper and Torbjörn Johansson production leader shows the system

Successful exhibition

Our exhibition at Elmia Subcontractor was very successful! It established many new contacts and we had many interesting jobs to be reckoned on. Thanks to all existing customers who visited us and thanks for all the positive feedback on our new logo and corporate films. The photograph on our stand also came with the Metal Supply’s newsletters from the exhibition on November 8. May well be regarded as a good rating!

A new look for Jitech.

A lot has happened since Jitech was founded in 1989. At that time, four of us were employed in small premises in Urshult, Sweden. Now Jitech is one of Sweden’s leading contract manufacturers to the metal industry, and located in Tingsryd. We create cost-effective production solutions for customers worldwide, using our high level of expertise, extensive experience and world-class production facility.
With the growth and expansion of our range of services, the time has come for a new look, with a new logo and a new graphic style. So the old gear wheel has gone, replaced by a modern graphic style that better reflects our times and our modern and efficient way of working. You can see our new look, and learn more about what Jitech can offer your business, at Elmia Subcontractor. We hope you can join us there.

Visit us at Elmia Subcontractor

We hope you can visit us at Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping, 6-9 November. Drop in for a cup of coffee, and we will tell you more about what Jitech can do for you and how we can reduce your production costs.
We are on the Småland stand, No. D01:29/6.